New School Building

Stunning facility built by the Bond

Durango School District 9-R staff and families are energized about construction of the new Miller Middle School building. A portion of the old building will remain, and the new building on the east end of the campus will be linked by a pedestrian bridge. The new building is scheduled to open in mid-August – just in time to welcome students for the 2024/25 school year. 

“I’m super excited,” said Doug Geygan, Assistant Principal of Miller. “This new building is being specifically designed to support the type of learning environment that we are creating.” This includes a workshop style, interdisciplinary teaming, “messy maker,” flexible performing arts, physical wellness, and indoor/outdoor learning.

Dylan Connell, the district's Chief Academic Officer, says the design team has done some creative problem-solving. “Our team has been playing in the sandbox of creating great opportunities out of what might be perceived as constraints.” 

Design features enhance learning

  • Smart use of limited square footage: Flexible learning pods and maker spaces demonstrate possibilities for multiple uses that maximize every inch of space.

  • Community-inspired design features: A community focus group brainstormed on elements they thought were important for the school. Their top choices were outdoor learning spaces, efficient use of energy, natural light and thermal comfort (warm/cool temperatures).

  • 3-in-1 performance space: First, it will be a top-notch performance space designed to hold over 350 audience members. Second, it will be used as a learning space for experts to come in and break down the walls of school and community. Third, it will function as an informal area for students to gather and connect.

  • Accessibility and sustainability: The school will feature wheelchair-accessible elements such as elevators and entry to outdoor spaces. Architects are incorporating energy-efficient features to align with the district’s Sustainability Committee goals.

“The main themes running through the design are a sense of community, connection and collaboration throughout,” said Jackie Squires, project manager and architect with Cunningham during the 9-R Board of Education meeting presentation on April 26.