Athletic Training Services

Miller and the 9R Durango School District made your student-athletes safety a priority and partnered with Mercy Sports Medicine to provide an athletic trainer.  It is an honor to provide athletic training coverage for Miller Middle School during the academic year. Our number one goal is to provide the highest level of healthcare in this region offered to all student-athletes. 


BACKGROUND:  A certified athletic trainer is a health care professional who has a minimum 4-year degree, although many have completed their master’s degree.  All athletic trainers must pass the national board of certification (BOC) exam and be registered within the state of Colorado to practice as an Athletic Trainer.


Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals with expertise and skills in preventing, assessing, treating, and rehabilitating conditions and injuries to active and athletic populations.  Athletic Trainers provide acute initial assessments, administer treatment and rehabilitation procedures for injuries to help facilitate a safe and speedy recovery and work with individuals to prevent further injuries.  Finally, Athletic Trainers are uniquely qualified to recognize and manage concussion injuries.



All services provided by the Athletic Trainer are provided on-site at your school and free of charge to the student-athletes.  In addition, Miller and Mercy Sports Medicine have agreed to make sure the following is provided to all student-athletes during their seasons:  


An Athletic Trainer will be on site and available twice a week or more from 2PM to 6PM as well as all home games.  During these hours we will be available to:

  • Tape and brace, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries.
  • Determine practice or game participation status for injuries.
  • Coordination of the sports medicine staff:

         Ambulance coverage when necessary.

         Facilitate physician visits for in school consultations or to fast track students for office appointments

  For the most appropriate and most efficient care for your student-athlete, please SEE US FIRST when possible! 

         Stocking and providing medical kits for all athletic teams while they are in season. 

         If your student-athletes require inhalers or other medications, please provide an extra dosage to be included with the medical kit. 

  • Communication with coaches and parents or guardians regarding the participation status of their student-athletes due to injury.
  • Coordination of concussion management with appropriate health care professionals as defined by CHSAA and Colorado law.