We highly encourage you to schedule a physical and register (see link below) your student before the beginning of the seasons.  If your student has had a physical for the Spring seasons, they are good for 365 days from their most recent physical. You may need to get another physical before the track season. You may have to ask your medical provider for a digital/scanned copy of the physical. 
Also, because middle school athletic seasons are short, please consider scheduling any vacations or trips before the season starts. Although we are not officially sanctioned as a CHSAA activity, we try to abide by CHSAA guidelines. Because of that, CHSAA requires players to have at least 9 practices before the 1st fall competition (5 practices for all other sports seasons). This is to ensure that players are in playing shape after summer vacation. If this is unavoidable, please contact the head coach or Atheltic Director, Mike Jaramillo.
We are looking forward to continuing our strong Athletic Traditions at Miller. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 
Athletc Director: Mike Jaramillo [email protected]
Football: Mike Jaramillo [email protected]
Volleyball: TBD
Here are the links that you'll need for Registration/Payment:
Here's the link for payment (only if you can't access it through the previous link)