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Athletics at Miller Middle School are an extracurricular activity. Extracurricular activities are an important part of the educational experience but we need to keep in mind that they are just that; extracurricular. Miller, first and foremost, is an academic institution. That is the priority of the staff and administration. We also want our students to understand that education should be their priority as well.

School league athletics are open to 7th and 8th graders only. A doctor’s physical is mandatory before any student can participate in any athletics at Miller. Physicals are good for the entire school year. The same physical can be used for more than one sport.

Participation fees: There will be a $30 per activity fee, with a cap of $55 per student and $70 per family per year. All sports and Knowledge Bowl are included in these fees. Students who wish to participate in these should be prepared to pay the fee when they pick up their "Blue" card. Students will not be eligible for participation until fees have been paid. Family financial hardship should not be a barrier to participation. If assistance is needed, please contact our counseling office.

The same activity fees will be charge for the musical instrument and vocal music classes. Those fees will be collected by the classroom teacher during the first week of school.

Miller has implemented the toughest eligibility requirements in the league. The standards are set high to emphasize the importance of academics. Students will learn to balance their time between athletics and academics. The higher level of participation in athletics, the higher the demand will be for their time. If you are a parent of an athlete, you are required to read the parent handbook and sign the page about our code of conduct. The eligibility requirements are outlined clearly in the handbook. Students must carry a 70% or better in all classes to stay eligible. If a student becomes ineligible it is the responsibility of the teacher to notify the athletic director who notifies the student. Students are handed an “ineligibility slip” at practice on Monday of the week they are ineligible. Every season we have to mark students ineligible because they have not accomplished what they needed to in the classroom. Our policy states that if a student is marked ineligible twice in one season, then they can no longer participate in that sport for the rest of the season. Education is our priority.

Students must attend school for the entire day in order to be eligible to participate in any Miller sponsored sport on that day, including practice and contests. For excused absences including medical or legal appointments, students must be in attendance for at least half a day in order to participate. A written excuse from the medical or legal party must be provided prior to the practice or contest. Attendance is an important part of keeping up with academics.