Registration Information

Registration Requirements:

- If your child has attended school prior to enrolling in Durango School District 9-R, you will need the name and address of the school and district where your child previously attended
- Immunization Records
- Copy of Birth Certificate
- An emergency telephone number where the parent or guardian can be reached
- Any other pertinent information for your child, such as special education records, medications needed, etc.

Current Registration Documents:

For writable registration forms, click here and fill out online ahead of time. You may then print the documents and bring them to your school on its registration day. Alternatively, if you so choose we will also provide these forms in person at our school.

FERPA, Media, and Military Opt-Out forms are available by request from the front office. If you are interested in open enrollment, please click here. For more frequently asked questions about registration please refer to our District website.

Contact Information

If you have further questions regarding Miller Middle School registration please contact:

Gail Cartwright
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 970-247-1418 ext. 2500
Email: [email protected]

Diana Montoya-Scott
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 970-247-1418 ext. 2502
Email: [email protected]