CHPS 6: Daylight/Glare

CHPS EQ P12.0 Daylight/Glare

Daylight is one of the most important elements to a high performing building. It not only provides connection to the outdoors, better quality of light, and energy savings, but it also improves occupant productivity and health. Daylight can be controlled by elements such as blinds, shades, overhangs, light shelves, and translucent materials. It is important to find a balance between allowing daylight into the space but also reducing the amount of glare on surfaces, which could become a distraction.

Letting Daylight In

At Miller Middle School, all learning spaces have large exterior windows and manaully controlled window shades to allow occupants to adjust daylight levels as needed for time of day and the use of the space. During design, a daylight model computer simulation was developed to test daylight within the school and study proper window placement and sizing. The design team also studied how window shades, sunshades, and translucent glass could be incorporated to prevent glare.