CHPS 1: Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design:

Studies show that connecting to nature improves occupant health and wellness and promotes a sense of calm. Biophilic Design focuses on reconnecting occupants to nature through 3 categories:

  • Nature in the space (direct presence of nature)
  • Nature of the space (replicating feelings that nature gives us)
  • Natural analogues (reflecting nature in patterns, shapes, textures, etc.). 

Careful Design

Miller Middle School has been carefully designed to provide indoor-outdoor connections, dynamic natural daylight, and interior finishes full of natural patterns and textures. Take a walk through the building and see how many examples of biophilia you can find. A few examples are noted below:

  • Visual connection to outdoor spaces along the bridge, exterior roof deck, stairwells, media center, and main commons, including intentional views of the changing sky and views of flowering plants. 
  •  Subtle changes in airflow, air temperature, and humidity through individual control of mechanical systems in classrooms, operable windows, and window shades. 
  •  Dimmable light fixtures and direct/indirect sunlight through windows.

Finishes that include wall graphics representing natural elements, real wood, muted paint tones with pops of color, and wall tiles rotated vertically to mimic the verticality of trees