Our Library

Welcome to the Miller Middle School Library! We provide books to the student population at Miller. We hope to inspire creative thoughts and allow students to learn new information while at our school.

The library is a space for all students and teachers to use. It is a safe space in the school. The front half of the library is open to students to use, when the librarian is available. Students can come in with classes or with a library pass from a teacher. The back half of the library is for teachers and staff only, please do not explore this space. 


Please follow the shelving strategies in the section of books that you are interested in, and if you pull a book from the shelf but do not know where to put it, bring it to the librarian for assistance. This is how we keep the shelves in order. 


Follow general classroom procedures in terms of noise, activity, etc. We don’t tolerate unsafe behavior in the library. If you have questions about this, please speak with the librarian. 

Computers are loaned out for use during the school year. Books are loaned out for 2 week increments of time. If you do not return items promptly, we will contact you through your crew teacher. If items are not returned after that, we will contact your family for the return of the items, or replacement fees to be paid for the items. You may check out 2 books at a time from the library. If items are not returned or fees paid, you may lose the privilege of borrowing from the library. 

Please respect the items the school has purchased for your use. This includes books, videos, computers and chargers. We want every student to be able to access these resources, but they must be in good condition to do so. If items are lost, or damage is found to be caused by neglect or misbehavior, you will be asked to pay a replacement fee for that item. 

We look forward to watching you learn and grow in our information space! 

You can contact the librarian, Mrs. Bard, at (970) 247-1418 x2509 or email her at [email protected].

Use the menu on the right to access resources and for helpful research tips!