About Our School

Our Mission 

Miller Middle School is a space where we experience our connection with, influence over, and interdependence upon a community beyond our family. Here we begin to develop a social-emotional and intellectual identity that will remain with us throughout life.

Our Vision 

We work together to support each other and develop ourselves as conscientious and impactful members of our global community. In classroom workshops designed to stimulate intellectual development, we develop our skills of thinking, questioning, academic and social problem solving, collaborative learning, creativity, and communication. 

Our Beliefs

  • It is our job to design learning experiences that are engaging, rigorous, meaningful, and worthy of students’ time.
  • Students deserve to have voice and choice in their education. 
  • With our help and support, all students are capable of attaining academic goals and meeting high expectations.
  • It is necessary to build positive relationships with colleagues, students and families. 
  • It is essential to honor the backgrounds, cultures and identities of each person.
  • We must ask questions, engage in dialogue, and think critically about important topics that impact our community.
  • A sense of joy, fun, and celebration are central to building community. 
  • We must model, teach and celebrate the behaviors, mindsets and skills that we expect from students: care, respect, responsibility, perseverance, global citizenship, personal growth, collaboration, and grit.