Citing Sources

Citing your sources can be a hassle, but let's face it, it is just part of being an ethical user of information.

Here are a few tips ...
  • Miller uses MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting for "Works Cited" or "Bibliography" pages.
  • You'll need to make note of all of the bibliographic information from the sources you use including author, title, sponsor  or publisher,  date of publication, and pages or url's, if applicable.  There are source tracking sheets for this in the library.
  • When you're ready, you can use a citation generator like, "Knight Cite" or "Easy Bib" for creating your bibliography.
  • There are specific requirements for margins, spacing, indenting, and alphabetizing in MLA styled papers.  Below  are detailed instructions for using KnightCite and formatting specifications.  If you need help, just ask the library staff.