Resources for Teachers

Collaboration Tools


GoogleDocs -With Miller's organization license, teachers can work simultaneously on the same document, presentation, or spreadsheet. 


Lesson Design & Evaluation


Curriki - Open source for sharing ideas/lessons.


Intel Teach -Provides tools and lessons for teachers.  Tools include:  a ranking tool, reasoning tool, & showing evidence tool.


Khan Academy - Access to thousands of videos about mathematics.


Rubistar - Find or create a rubric for asessing student works.


Teacher's Domain Provides lesson ideas and video content for teachers.


Thinkfinity - Thousands of lesson ideas in all core content areas. 


Presentation and/or Synthesis Tools - A zooming presenter which allows students to post images, text, and links.


Museum - Offers students the opportunity to create a virtual museum box with cubes for displaying text, images, and video content. -  Students create digital posters, including text, video, audio, and links.    With Miller's subscription, teachers can limit who sees the content, post comments, and allow students the opportunity to post comments to other students. - Cartoon creator - Great for political cartoons, demonstrations, or graphic novels. 




Gizmos - Science and math simulations with student materials.  (Subscription)