Hello Miller Parents!
The Miller School Counseling Program has added some new faces and roles!  Sarah St. John will be the School Counselor for all of 6th grade and A-L of 8th grade.  Kelly Rottman is a new School Counselor joining us this year and she will be a School Counselor for 7th grade and M-Z of 8th grade.  Miller School Counselors deliver comprehensive school counseling services to students which include social emotional classroom presentations, individual and group counseling services, crisis counseling and responsive services, and other school counseling related programming.  You can contact Sarah St. John (6th grade and A-L of 8th grade) at 247-1418 extension-2571 or [email protected].  You can contact Kelly Rottman (7th grade and M-Z of 8th grade) at 247-1418 extension-2561 or [email protected].  
Jenny Lavelle is joining us as an Academic Advisor working with and for all Miller students.  Jenny will work with students as needed on their academic schedules to confirm or make changes, and deliver individual career and academic planning for all Miller students . She will deliver programming and meet with all of our Gifted and Talented students and families and coordinate 504 plans for students as needed.  You can reach Jenny at 247-1418 extension 2560 or [email protected]
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