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Dear Miller Families,

If for some reason your student is not adjusting well to being back in school, or in being at Miller for the first time, please contact us so that we may come up with a plan that will support them in being successful and in feeling welcome.

Here are some reminders, updates and celebrations:

Our Miller Open house will be on Sept. 14th, from 5:30 - 7:00. We will serve hot dogs, chips and drinks and this is a celebratory open format to meet each other and our school staff. It is an event focused on being a community.

Students should all be using a planner, either what we provided, or what they prefer. Please help in supporting them to be organized and reflective with this tool.

Teachers will be reaching out over the next two weeks to set up any meetings regarding special learning plans and/or individual needs. If you have an urgent need please reach out to a teacher.

Students will use "learning logs" in all of their classes this year. These will reflect the learning target (or objective being taught), any pre-assessment data, progress in meeting proficiency, post-assessment data, and a reflection on the path toward growth in their learning. They will use these to assist them in communicating during their student-led conferences in October.

We have three major focal points this year: Building relationships, teaching students "executive functioning" skills (organization, inquiry, critical thinking, perseverance, etc... Basically "how" to be a successful student), and teaching our Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (the standards of learning in each content area).

We will teach and assess: Respect, Responsibility, and Perseverance, as character traits using a common rubric. Students will self-assess as will the teacher. This will not count toward any class grade as it did in the past, but we will still teach and assess these skills and behavior traits. The reason we are no longer counting this within a class grade is that we are moving toward a more standards driven practice that is truly reflective of the levels of proficiency against the standards. There will be more to come on this.

We are progressing in our implementation of a restorative practice model in building culture and as it relates to discipline. With this you may hear of students having discussion circles in some classes, using a talking piece to go around and hear from each student. This model ensures that all students have a voice and allows for more connection to be made. This will also be a practice in our discipline model should the need arise.

Our MPAC (Miller Parent Action Committee) will meet the second Wed. of each month and we would love to have many new parents. Please join if you can.

Congratulations to the Miller Football team who won their first games of the season, against Pagosa. Way to go players!

In addition to all of these happenings, some of your returning students have new teachers, and other staff, to Miller this year and we welcome our new staff. They are: Leigh Gillette (6th grade Science), Justin Brull (7th grade Science), Jill Somrak (7th grade Language Arts), Rebecca Dash (7th grade Social Studies/Language Arts), Nick Beitz (8th grade Math/Science), Andrew Schuhmann (8th grade Language Arts/Social Studies),Ru Si (Chinese/French), Zoriada Martinez (Media Aide/Library), Jose-Duran Felix (Paraprofessional), Holly Begay (1/2 time Music Teacher and 1/2 time Paraprofessional), Jacob Wilson (English Language Learners), Ian Lennox (Counselor), Sarah St. John (Counselor), Marcia Hoerl (Counselor)‚Äč, Krista Badjier (Restorative Justice Coordinator).

Thank you for sending us amazing students to work with and please let us know how we can help you and your students as we embark on this great journey of learning together.

Have a great school year!