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Parking and School Access - Miller Middle School

The City’s Multimodal Transportation Plan, which included a multi-year long public process, calls for safety and multimodal improvements along Junction Street as Tier 1, high priority project. As a result, Junction Street is no longer an option for park and go lanes when dropping off or picking up students from the school.


In partnership with the Durango Police Department, the City of Durango and Durango School District 9-R, we are working with our families to create safe and easy access to the school. To that end, we ask for your support with the new changes for access to Miller Middle School.


For drop off and pick up at Miller Middle School, we ask that families and students:

  • When picking up or dropping off your student, please do so by accessing our parking lot, which has a drop and go lane.
  • When accessing the drop and go lane, please pull as far around as you can in the lot to allow cars to pull into the parking lot from 25th Street.
  • Please use and encourage your students to use the designated crosswalks both in the parking lot and along 25th Street.
  • Please do not access the bus lane in front of the school to pick up or drop of your student.
  • Please do not park on or block the road to the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.
  • Please do not park in the “Cowboy Church” parking lot.

The Durango Police Department wants to remind parents of several violations that will be enforced as we work through this transition:

  •  It is unlawful to stop in a no parking zone to drop off your student. You are obstructing the bike lane and view of other motorists, which creates an unsafe situation. You could be ticketed for Obstructing a Roadway.
  • It is unsafe to make a U-Turn on 25th Street during pick-up and drop-off times. Drivers making a U-Turn during these times could be ticketed for Careless Driving.
  • It is unlawful to block a driveway access or a street. If you stop in the driveway access for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church or the Cowboy Church you could be ticketed for Obstructing a Roadway.

We are asking for your support around these new access and safety measures to increase the safety of your student and to respect the neighboring businesses and residential homes.  If all possible, please turn right onto Junction Street when exiting the parking lot and use Clovis Dr. or Virginia Street to return to Main Avenue or other surrounding areas. If available, families are always welcome to park in the school parking lot when dropping off or picking up students.


Please see the included map for a detailed representation of school access, as well as the FAQ’s around the Junction Street project from the City of Durango Multi-Modal Division.


Thank you again for supporting these safety measures!

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