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Meet some beautiful brains!

This project highlights student voice as well as their choice of sharing how they access their inner power. This inquiry is directly related to expanding skills, competence, and confidence. Students harness these “powers” in a variety of ways to support great learning and their contribution to a positive and productive learning environment.
I was impressed by their honesty, heart, and creativity with this video project. Both the process and the product were important to this learning experience. Reflecting on the process student expressed positive engagement and the importance of being heard and having choices in how they expressed themselves. The class decided unanimously that their final product should be shared publicly because; “This video could be an inspiration to others” and “…it will show how great AVID is and that more kids should join!”
This brain-friendly exploration is supported by a grant, “Growing Great Brains” funded by Durango Education Foundation. The intent of this grant is to integrate and expand the practice of brain-based learning to support academic, personal, and emotional success for all learners.
Miller Principal Cito Nuhn states; "This endeavor is an example of the student directed type of learning that we are striving for and we are very proud of our AVID students, Ms. Dey, and the support we get from Ms. Hallie Whitney and DEF in making learning relevant and fun."
--Hallie Whitney, TOSA