COVID-19 Update

 which includes:

  • Stay home and test when symptomatic. Use the At-Home Symptom Screening Tool to help determine if you should stay home. 
  • Report illness and positive cases to the school health office. The school Health Service Providers can guide individuals on returning to school.  
  • Health Service Providers will use the Addressing Symptoms at School to help determine when students or staff need to go home due to illness. 
  • Health Service Providers will provide testing for symptomatic students and staff. 
  • Health Service Providers will follow the How Sick is Too Sick? tool to determine when sick individuals can return. 
  • We are a mask friendly school district.  There may be some instances in which students or staff may be asked to wear a mask:
    • Positive individuals returning on day six.
    • Symptomatic individuals who are sent to the health office. 
    • On-going exposure with household contacts.
    • In the event of outbreaks or clusters of COVID cases.
  • Students and staff can opt-in to weekly testing provided by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 
  • Students and staff can keep up-to-date on vaccine boosters with the CDC’s COVID-19 booster tool.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a wonderful year!