Use Safe2Tell To Anonymously Report Bullying, Threats and Dangerous Activity

  • Safe2Tell CO is ANONYMOUS - this means your identity is UNKNOWN. Anonymity is protected by Colorado state law.
  • The Toll-Free number is: 1-877-542-7233 (SAFE). Save the number as a contact in your cell phone, in case you ever need it!
  • Anonymous web reports can be made by clicking the Submit a Tip Button.
  • Reports also may be made using the anonymous Safe2Tell Colorado mobile app available on the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Safe2Tell is for serious reports only. It is not for pranks or hang-up calls. False reports and blatant misuse of the Safe2Tell resource will be investigated.
  • Safe2Tell contact information is located on the back of every student ID card

Safe2Tell Colorado was designed to help schools identify youth who are struggling in order to prevent violence and tragedies from occurring. Tips submitted to Safe2Tell Colorado provide schools a way to gather key information about safety concerns within their schools or communities and use this intel to create effective interventions in the lives of students. A key component to the Safe2Tell model in schools is educating and engaging students on what to watch for and what to report while equipping them with the resources to anonymously report concerns.

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State law protects the anonymity of the person who reports the tip. During an investigation, efforts are made to protect the anonymity of the reporter. Tips received from the tip line are often forwarded directly to school officials, so schools may proactively intervene before a criminal incident or potential tragedy takes place. The Safe2Tell model is a tool all schools can use, by giving students, parents and others a means to anonymously report anything that concerns their safety. 

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