COVID-19 Serial Testing Update for the Community

Currently, the school district has the following mitigation strategies in place:
  • Masking
  • Distancing
  • Vaccines
  • Testing symptomatic individuals
  • Encouraging symptomatic individuals to stay home
  • Hand washing
  • Ventilation and having students outside as much as possible
  • Communication for low- and high-risk exposures
  • Monitoring symptoms at schools
Adding in serial testing provides an extra layer of protection, supporting the goal of keeping our schools open and providing a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

Since the incentive for serial testing from the state, the district has seen an increase in student participation at the three pilot schools currently involved in the program (we are looking at a district-wide rollout in the coming week). The district launched the program on November 1, and at that time enrollment was 75.  As of November 23, 352 students are participating in serial testing (the breakdown is 63 at Park Elementary, 112 at Escalante and 177 at Durango High School. 
While implementing mitigation strategies, including weekly testing, requires additional staff resources in our schools, it is important in minimizing the risk of COVID, creating a more continuous learning environment.