9-R Board of Education Meeting Rescheduled for September 7, 2021

Public participation is re-opened for the 7th, but forms must be received 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Those who were previously confirmed to participate in the August 24th meeting will automatically move forward to the meeting on the 7th The meeting agenda remains the same.

The board will be conducting this meeting in a new format. Currently the SJBPH, CDPHE and CDC encourage the requirements of masks for indoor student activities and for all students and staff. Since we have students and staff present, we will adhere to this guidance as we have found this to be reasonable. Due to recent lack of compliance with our district mask requirements, as well as the recommended 50% capacity for attendees, the 9-R Board of Education meetings will be open to the public through live stream only until further notice. 
New Meeting Format
All Board Members, Student Board Members, Superintendent, Staff, and Guests of the Board will be in person for meetings in the board room.  All public participation participants will be sent a link, Zoomed into the board room, and the Zoom would be shared via live stream. Participants will be muted until they are asked to speak. All community members will be able to access the meeting via livestream. The link for the live stream for every board meeting is https://www.durangoschools.org/stream/

Public Participation

Public Participation is an option during regular board meetings. Community members interested in participating in Public Participation must complete the Public Participation Form and submit it to the district 24 hours prior to the meeting. Late submissions will be considered for the following regular board meeting. There is no public participation during work sessions or special meetings unless otherwise noted in the agenda. Agendas are available on the website HERE.

Each speaker will be provided an equal amount of time to speak. The total amount of time for each public participant will be 3 minutes. A total time of 30 minutes will be allotted for public participation and if there are more requests than time, individuals who have completed a form will be offered the opportunity to speak at a subsequent regular board meeting.

Participants will honor the time allocation and will also speak on topic, provide respect to other participants and district personnel, concisely summarize their concern, idea or solution.

Anonymous comments or speakers will not be considered.

As this is a regular board meeting, direct input may not be immediately provided. The district and/or board will follow up with individuals as necessary. 

Once confirmed that your form was received with the aforementioned guidelines, confirmed public participants will receive an email from the district along with details on how to Zoom into the meeting.