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COVID-19 Testing Pilot at Secondary Schools

This is a very exciting development for me as we are still sending multiple groups of students into quarantine for up to two weeks.  Telling students who want to come to school that they cannot has been by far the most difficult thing we’ve had to do during the COVID pandemic. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to stop this practice as quarantining students is bad for both their academic and social-emotional well-being.

Again, in order to avoid cohort quarantines, we need 70% of the student body at each school site to sign up for testing.  You can sign your student up to test by going to this link:


In order for your student to avoid quarantines, they will need to test twice a week.  CDPHE will provide the staff and the testing, and they assured me that the nasal swab will not be the type that tickles their brain!  It will just swab the inside of each student’s nostril. Results will be back in 24 hours.  CLICK HERE for more information from our partners for more information.  

Testing will begin next Monday, so please indicate your willingness to participate prior to Monday, May 10. 2021 by completed the information requested in the link above.