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Miller in December

Dear Miller Family,

Hello, Hola, & Yá'át'ééh!


Looking for a great gift idea for your student, come pick-up a We Are Miller Shirt for $15 in the main office. They are all the rage!


During the month of December, all students will be taking their mid-year iReady Benchmark assessments in Reading and Math. It is important to note that the information we get from these assessments helps us make instructional and program decisions for students. Many students will demonstrate expected or above proficiency on the assessments. For those who do not, we will make instructional adjustments, perhaps provide additional supports, and monitor their growth with monthly ‘Growth Monitoring’ assessment probes. These are shorter assessments within iReady that provide information as to student progress helping us understand if students are responding to instructions as needed. Please support your child by helping them understand the value of demonstrating learning in classrooms during various opportunities to demonstrate learning. 


During Covid, our traditional water fountains are shut down. Our supply of cups for use with the water bottle filler is exhausted. Please take some time during the break to try to find your student a water bottle and encourage them to bring it (or leave it in their locker) each and every day.  Of course, please put names on water bottles!

We Are Miller!