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Planning for the Unexpected - Isolation Room and Quarantine

We also appreciate your support with the new systems, such as temperature checks and completing health screens at home each morning before leaving for school, as well as discouraging your children from mixing cohorts before and after school. 

As we continue into the second quarter of the school year, we would like to encourage you to think about and be prepared for potential impacts, as preparedness helps to ease anxieties around the unexpected. Items for considerations include creating a plan should your child be sent to the isolation room at school and require pick up, as well as being prepared should your child’s cohort go into quarantine.

Isolation Room
It is imperative that you come to pick up your child if the school reports they are in the isolation room due to symptoms. We ask that families be prepared to pick their child up should they receive this call within 30 minutes. If you know you will have barriers to achieving that goal due to work schedules or childcare options, we ask that you create an emergency back-up plan and identify those friends or family members who could help you in a pinch. The longer a child remains in our schools’ isolation rooms, the higher the risk runs that transmission will occur at the school, potentially impacting many other students and staff as well as prolonging your child’s time away from school during an isolation or quarantine period.


Additionally, while to date we are fortunate to have had limited impact on cohorts and limited needs for quarantines, we have had a couple of cohorts go into quarantine for the entire 14-day period. We realize this can have a major impact on working families who may find it difficult to find childcare if your children are young, or to support remote learning for their students during that time. Again, we encourage you to think about these potential scenarios and create an emergency plan, if you will, to help you be better prepared should this occur, and also to support your child’s continued academic endeavors and success.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and please feel free to reach out to your school, your child’s teacher, or the district if you have any questions or concerns.